Octopus Peka – Octopus under the bell

Octopus under the bell
-   1.5-2 kg octopus
-   0,8-1 kg potatoes
-   4 cloves garlic and 2 dl olive oil
-   Salt
-   Pepper
-   Sprig fresh rosemary
-   If desired you can add more vegetables
-   1 dl white wine
All the ingredients except the wine to put in a flat round tray and put under the  iron bell on  fireplace, and left an hour under the embers. After an hour of baking, stir the octopus and potatoes and add a decilitre white wine, cover the cripnja again, and let it bake on the embers for another half hour.
Additional advice for the preparation of the octopus: If you have a fresh octopus it is best to freeze for a day, because then the octopus will be softer.  Serve the Peka preferably  with homemade bread, and typical dessert prepared in Dalmatian the rožata.    Enjoy!

Video file :   Dalmatinska peka on You Tube

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